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Start of my Vectra C GSi revival Blog

Updated: May 19, 2019

This is the first of many many posts about my Vectra GSi.

Hopefully, if you are looking for answers on your Vectra, you may find it here, just use the blog search to find the right post for you, or ask me a question if at a loss.

I bought this car back in May 2013 from a company in Bristol and should have looked around it a little more to discover all the faults (lesson learned).

After driving the vehicle home (somehow with a full MOT) I discovered a multitude of faults. This is where trading standards stepped in and I rejected the car with a couple of well-written letters.

So how come this blog exists? Well, the company disappeared and I was left with a £4000 scrap car. So it was either to be scrapped and lose all that cash or set about buying tools and learning how to fix it. I did the latter, hence this blog.

I am writing this blog from May 2019 although creating these posts in date order so that they can be easily followed.

Here are some of the faults: -

Feel free to leave a comment.

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