Vectra 3.2 GSi

6 Years ago I inadvertently bought a wreck and the company then disappeared, so this became a little project.

I have no idea when this project will finish though, doh!

Electric MG MGF

When the valves and pistons met for the first time, they decided to leave their K-Series home for pastures new.

My plans for this one now, is to bolt a 24 Motor Power Unit to the existing gearbox, one with individual speed controllers and batteries, controlled by Arduino's to maintain a balanced load.

Living History Group Jeep

Some sound advice follows: -


When someone asks you to look at the dodgy wiring on their WWII Jeep, don't go poking your fingers around with the battery attached. You may just start a small fire, or in my case smoke billowing out from the dashboard due to an unfused circuit.


Time for a  re-wire.

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CNC Mill Conversion

Well, this is linked to the MGF project in that it is taking along time to manually machine out the parts required for the power unit.


So I decided to convert my milling machine using BrushLess DC (BLDC) motors in order to speed up the process.

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