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Current - MG F EV Conversion

This MG F was purchased to give me a little run around while I re-built my Vectra GSi; although the engine decided to have a party where valves met pistons (they don't like sharing the same space...). So this became project No.2


MG F Engine Fail

Many moving parts working in unison are key to making the Internal Combustion Engine operate, that along with a lot of modern microprocessor derived engine management to ensure that it operates at it's most efficient (well, within a tolerance anyway), but all of this can't stop a single mechanical part failing and taking the lot out.

In this 1.8L MG F that I bought while re-building the engine in my 3.2L Vectra Gsi, a loose bolt holding the timing pulley idler decided it needed to stretch its threads and take a brake; this caused the timing belt to slip and pistons met valves.

The ICE could probably be repaired quiet successfully, although I had an idea to try and create a power unit that had many components and also had plenty of redundancy, therefore being able to lose a fair portion of components but still be able to operate. No breakdowns :-D

As we are clearly in an era of positive change to renewable energy, it was time I designed a power unit that will help and be cheep and modular.

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