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Current - Vectra GSi Recon

I bought this Vectra in Bristol with a full years MOT in May 2013 only to find a whole host of problems lurking underneath when I got it back. On trying to reject the car via Trading Standards (who were more than helpful) the Company disappeared and I was left with a wreck/scrapper/shed.

Do I scrap it or fix it? You know the rest...

More content being added soon (15th Jun 20)

Feb to May 2014


Using a £20 Bluetooth OBDII reader and the Torque app on an Android based tablet, it was easy to diagnose the Mass Airflow Sensor (MAF sensor) was a little sporadic, didn't allow full power and brought up a fault code (which I can't remember now). This sensor was around £280 from Vauxhall, ouch!, but definitely needed. I decided to take a look at the fault and saw why these are so expensive; there is a thin film hot sensor in the air stream, where I believe these can be damaged by too much oil on certain air filters or debris hitting the sensor (don't run the engine with the filter removed!).

Next came the driveshafts, I decided to buy the CV joints and shafts separately and assemble it all myself, good experience I thought... I was wrong. Plus these only lasted a couple of years.

Cheap diagnosis, Expensive fix.

June 2013