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Current - Heavy Metal Steve

This product is unofficial and not from Minecraft or approved by Minecraft. The idea is to create a one off Christmas gift for someone special to just be a toy, or even as a tool to get them into coding at a later date. Dev255 is not associated or connected in any way with MineCraft or Mojang Studios.

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May 2021


Having just purchased a new PC for video editing, then getting on with this long edit (video to left), it is finally ready for YouTube.

I can’t say how happy I am with the ODrive system on the CNC machine. The accuracy allows me to create parts near perfect dimensions and repeat them with negligible deviation.

This video shows just how long it takes to make something of this detail, where a 3D printer could replicate it in a few hours.

Thumb Nail.jpg
Making Steve - Video Editing.jpg

The Making of Steve

Over 30 hours of editing so far and more to go, this video should be available to Patrons soon and on YouTube Friday 21st May 2021.

The content mainly covers how I made him on my home converted CNC mill and putting him together including electronics.

I have now updated the December post below to include all the *.STL files so that you can print him at home or at a makers club without the need for a CNC machine.

Why not try to make your own and I'll put your project on this page (just email me your project picture and a short description i.e. college project at ___ college or home or makers project)

December 2020


This has taken a good while to make, although he will hopefully make a great gift and learning platform later on.

Here is the Arduino Sketch and 3D Printable Parts if you want to make your own.

I will be adding a simple circuit diagram later too so you can make him light up.

My next video will show how he was made.

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