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The MGF has a new Trailer...

After removing the blown up engine and with the recent move, the best option for the MGF was to fit a new tow bar to my Vectra and buy a trailer capable of lugging the MGF around.

I've also temporarily removed the MGF gearbox and fixed it under the bonnet so that the weight is distributed evenly for the trailer.

Plus, I've attached a light bar at the top of the MGF as I was concerned how low the brake lights were on the trailer and fitted a reverse light too.

Another little handy mod, was to fit a rear facing transmitting camera to the MGF so that I could see the rear easily. This makes a huge difference to the driving experience.

I moved the screen to the right of the steering wheel before I drove so it wouldn't obstruct my view. This is with the magnetic mount camera looking down at the tow bar so I could easily line up the trailer from the car.

The 3.2L Vectra has no issues pulling this trailer, sometimes I forget I have it attached.

Next is getting the mill fully converted to build that power unit... watch this space.

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