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Engine Failure...

Hi, a little update as I have been dismantling the MGF K-Series yesterday, not only to find out what happened, but also to look at the mounting options for the power unit. It will be fitted directly on the existing gearbox.

My MGF sub-frame is looking very tired so may have some work to do bringing it back up to life (I purple powder coated my Vectra C sub-frame while re-building the 3.2L engine, so may do the same here :) ).

The engine was running well before its failure, so most of the ancill parts are in good working order, so may have to sell some of those bits.

I'll also do a video soon on YouTube walking around the car with an explanation too.

Before dismantling.

Checking the Spark plugs, it turns out the first one (nearest the cam belt) had its gap adjusted in the combustion chamber :| , not normal operation.

The Cams and head look ok, although there's a little water in the oil channel

The easy way of removing the cams (as they wont be used again) while dismantling the engine in situ. You just need a 33mm spanner

Not looking too bad at this point, so lets take the head off...

Ah...... I see some issues

Hmmm, now I know what happened to the spark plug. Can anyone see the crack near the exhaust valve seat?

Im thinking of a nice ornament for a coffee table

So I drained some of the water and all of the oil by undoing the sump plug, then draining off the rest of the water by undoing the lower pipe. The underside is looking a little tired, so may have to carry out a little re-conditioning.

The car is getting lighter and lighter, I may have to keep a running weight total of all the parts coming off.

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