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Making of Steve Video.

This video is HUGE!

Trying to make 1 video with the whole milling process for making Minecraft Steve is proving to be very challenging.

This has taken somewhere in the region of 35 hours to get to this point and is still just over 45 mins long. I'm not sure people will watch my content for that long, so I'm trying to put as much interesting and educational information into it as I can.

It's all about the STEM, hopefully this one shows what it takes to machine out a complicated item on a part CNC machine and encourages others to try learning engineering at home.

Hopefully I'll get this one out this weekend for Patrons and have it ready on YouTube for Friday 21st.

My BSc Degree is starting to ramp up too now, where I am now planning focused time slots for both the BSc and YouTube channel. I have a new PC being built that will greatly reduce the waiting time inherent with using an old PC to carry out video editing. So effectively I am looking to implement lots of efficiencies to ensure work carries on as normal.

Right I better get back to video editing now ;-).

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