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Makers Central 2023

Are you going to Makers Central 2023 on the 13th or 14th of May?

I will have a stand near the Vectric Workshop and am next to Emily the Engineer, Frankly Built and The Crafty Robot.

It's been a little hectic and is ramping up for the show, although I am getting there.

These are the projects I hope to bring: -

  • The Solar Powered milling machine now has a 2.4GHz remote, although it still needs the Z-Axis making.

  • I now have a 3D printer (Creality Ender 3 Pro) with some modifications.

  • I should be able to print off several SPE keyrings for people to take.

  • Oh yes, I have changed my Logo to SPE - the Solar Powered Engineer or Solar Powered Engineering, as dev255 doesn't really mean a lot and doesn't link well to my projects. So you should see my new SPE logos plastered around.

  • The MGF Power unit is currently being printed (prototype in plastic), so I can take some of those parts too.


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