Dev255 - Proudly created with Apr 2019

A little about this site.


I wish to share my engineering projects with you, from an initial idea through to a working solution.


For the past 30 odd years, I have created many solutions to all manner of engineering problems, although only shared them with Family & Friends.


This site has been created as the main hub to make it easy to find my content. Most of my projects, both past and present will be here, with potential future projects also listed. Hopefully, you will find something interesting here, where I love to dabble in many different areas. It's a work in progress at the moment that I would love to do full time.


I also have a Patreon page (see above red button) that I use as a Blog (Web Log for those like me who didn't know what that was a few years ago). Feel free to follow me on there (link also above) or even pledge if you like the content and wish to directly enhance the projects. You will also be joining a community where you can discuss your projects directly if you wish. See below fro Patreon description.


My YouTube channel and Facebook page are now available via the links above and below too if you wish to follow or subscribe to get notifications of new content.


Being fairly new to creating online (started Apr 2019) my goal is to create 1 Project and 1 "How to" video per week until I get used to all the software, hardware, video editing, etc.


All videos I create are released early for my Patrons, with the "behind the scenes" ones remaining Patron-only under certain tiers.


I'm sure there will be some blooper videos along the way too.


My content will not only cover each project step by step but also how the content was created, including the software and hardware I am currently using.


Thank you for checking out my site and hope to see you back again.


Would you like to become a Patron?

What is a Patron? A Patron is someone that supports their favourite artist, engineer, musician, etc to enable them to continue making the things that Patron enjoys experiencing; and for their pledge to directly enhance the output of their chosen creator, further enhancing the experience.


What is Through (a platform developed to connect supporters/fans directly with their chosen creator) my Patrons allow me the freedom to explore some complicated engineering problems through direct two-way engagement and for me to give something back. Where my Patrons are recognised on my videos (if they wish for their name/nickname to be listed) and credited in each video for any contribution to a project. Plus, they receive exclusive 7-day early access to videos, a private community feed on, extra content, access to my Discord channel and help with their projects (time permitting) if required.