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Birmingham NEC Event

18 - 19 May 2024

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2nd & 3rd
December 2023

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Makers Central. Neil Devonshire, The Solar Powered Engineer

Kawasaki FS 02N - 6 Axis Robot Arm
But what can I make it do?

I have recently installed this 25 year old 6-axes robot in my garage and attached it to the solar batteries.
Luckily it came with all the instructions, Floppy drive :-D and the the control system.
So, I'm currently learning how to program it and find out its capabilities.
But what can I do with it... CNC MGF parts, draw pictures, throw darts?
Watch this space...


Kawasaki FS 02N
Solar Powered CNC Machine - The Solar Powered Engineer
The Solar Powered Engineer Remote Control

Solar Powered - CNC Mill Conversion

Currently fabricating the Z-Axis drive unit, this Axminster Sieg X1 hobby machine turns into a Solar Powered CNC Mill and uses Brushless DC (BLDC) Motors. All this controlled by a Teensy 4.1 Arduino based microcontroller. Now with a HDMI display and a 2.4GHz bespoke Arduino based remote.

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Swimming Pool

We believe so. Our 4600 litre pool is connected to this homemade panel along with one we purchased and saw the temperature rise from 14.8ºC to 28ºC in 7 days. Impressive considering this was Spring in the UK. Where is the heat coming from? (updated 1st Aug 20)

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Solar Powered Pool Water Heater - Homemade

Is this worth making?

Panel Solar Heater - Transparent

Going Green - MGF Electric Vehicle Conversion

I designed this Power Unit to have plenty of redundancy. It will have 24 3kW Brushless DC motors controlled by individual speed controllers and individual batteries. Plus, 4 separate controllers for each block, Nylon (glass filled) gears and with each motor able to disengage if a fault is detected. All weighing in just over 70kg (without batteries) and just under 100hp. This all being machined on the below Solar CNC mill, hence this project being slow going until that one is complete.

Dev255 - MGF EV -002- NoMet - 509.


Arduino Based - 3D Printable Open Source Project

A Christmas gift for my Nephew, this project has an "Arduino Nano Every" microprocessor in his head and a 64 LED display for his face and made of aluminium, all machined on my home converted Solar CNC mill above.

You can also 3D print your own from my STL files on GitHub and copy the code I put together into your own Arduino to make him personal to you.

This product is unofficial and not from Minecraft or approved by Minecraft.

Thumb Nail

My PC Specification for Video Editing, CAD & CAM

Transparent GSi

LE MANS 2019

Dev255 - Vectra_GSi_LeMans - 001 - NoMet

Vectra GSi 3.2l V6 - Shed to Show

Yes I know, this is not a very Green car, although it only does around 3000 miles a year and I may convert it later on with additional rear wheel Electric Drive. I have re-conditioned the 3.2 V6 (Z32SE) as much as I can and have replaced all safety items and most of the front running components. New discs, pads, calipers, hoses, shocks, springs, ABS module, Power Steering pump, water pump, timing belt and pulleys, clutch, reconditioned wheels (no cracks). It's probably easier to list what has not been replaced/reconditioned. All this done in my tiny outhouse (roughly 4m x 4m)


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