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Arduino Based - 3D Printable Open Source Project

Solar Powered - CNC Mill Conversion

Large Lawn

Solar Powered Pool Water Heater - Homemade

Is this worth making?

Going Green - MG F Electric Vehicle Conversion

Vectra GSi 3.2l V6 - Shed to Show


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What is a Patron? A Patron is someone that supports their favourite artist, engineer, musician, etc to enable them to continue making positive experiences for their audience; and for their pledge to directly enhance the output of their chosen creator, further enhancing the experience.


What is Through (a platform developed to connect supporters/fans directly with their chosen creator) my Patrons allow me the freedom to explore some complicated engineering problems through direct two-way engagement and for me to give something back. Where my Patrons are recognised on my videos (if they wish for their name/nickname to be listed) and credited in each video for any contribution to a project. Plus, they receive exclusive 7-day early access to videos, a private community feed on, extra content, access to my Discord channel and help with their projects (time permitting) if required.


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